Introduction of Marijuana into Western Medicine

Jan 28, 2013 Did you know?
Introduction of Marijuana into Western Medicine

Medicinal use of marijuana and the legendary irishman, who introduced it to the Western Medicine.

Introduction of Marijuana into Western Medicine

The medicinal use of marijuana dates 10.000 years back to the first mentions of hemp in ancient China and Taiwan manuscripts and had a long and successful history in ancient India, Egypt, Middle East, Greek and eventually Roman Empires. Medical cannabis was used to treat numerous diseases like insomnia, gastrointestinal disorders, headache and helped to ease the pain even in such occasions as childbirth.

It was an Irishman – William Brooke O\’Shaughnessy, who introduced marijuana into western medicine. Only 24 years old in 1833 he moved to Calcutta to work in the field of botanical pharmacology and took a close look upon the local use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. It took him eight years to study cannabis and discover its numerous use for therapeutic purposes. In 1841 he returned to England to share his amazing discoveries and eventually create the whole industry of medicinal marijuana.

O\’Shaughnessy was knighted in 1856, surprisingly not for his discoveries, but for his work on the telegraph in India.