Would you Like to Sleep on Cannabis Pillow?

May 25, 2013 Did you know?

Marijuana fans who love not only smoking cannabis, but also to have different cool stuff related to it, such as posters and other different things from marijuana festivals and other events, would certainly love this new product.

Would you Like to Sleep on Cannabis Pillow?

It is new marijuana themed bedding from IBudYou.com. Just imagine how cool would it be to sleep on such a pillow.
You can choose from numerous strains pictures your favorite one. Their Platinum OG Bubba Plush Collection of pillowcases is very interesting. There are two pillowcases in a set. A picture of your favorite strain is on the front side, and the back is white. It can be washed in your home machine. The size is a just little bit smaller than King Size pillowcases. It is made of 100% super soft plush, breathable performance polyester.