Ten Reasons to Make Cannabis Legal

Jun 12, 2013 Did you know?
Ten Reasons to Make Cannabis Legal

Marijuana prohibition creates and supports illegal industry.

Ten Reasons to Make Cannabis Legal

1. Hemp. Lots of materials could be made from hemp. For example paper, plastics, clothing and many other products. Beyond that it is an eco-friendly plant. It nourishes the soil, grows fast and yields a good harvest. Hemp also is a leader of biomass production (ten tons per acre in four months). It is proven that hemp oil is also useful for health. It helps people suffering from serious medical conditions.

2. Billions are spent to prohibit adults using marijuana instead of spending this money on social programs.

3. Prohibition yields a reverse effect. Profits from producing and delivering marijuana attract more and more those who would produce and deliver.

4. Can you imagine being jailed for drinking beer, or smoking a cigarette? That strikes me as rather silly. So why smoking marijuana by adults is a crime. A real crime involves both a victim and a perpetrator. And can you imagine being jailed for injuring yourself?

5. People smoking (and not only smoking) cannabis are not debased human beings. Millions of people all around the world suck out positive benefits from mind-altering drugs such as alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and marijuana. But our government criminalizes only marijuana users and dealers and approves alcohol and tobacco users and dealers without any rational criteria.

6. Marijuana is medicine. There are lots of scientific studies proving that cannabis can help in serious medical conditions. And it is not only helpful but safe, and not as expensive as some pharmaceuticals.

7. Marijuana-like substances were found in the human body. These substances activate cannabinoid receptors. These receptors were found in the brain, reproductive system, endocrine and immune systems. This fact opens the possibilities for new medicines derived from cannabinoids identified in marijuana.

8. Our country can get billions by taxing and regulating marijuana.

9. Near 24000 prohibition-related murders occurred in Mexico (the world number one exporter of marijuana) for the last 7 years.

10. Marijuana prohibition takes away our right of sovereignty.

source: alternet.org