Cannabis Most Popular Myths and Facts

Jul 12, 2013 Did you know?
Cannabis Most Popular Myths and Facts

Marijuana is quite questionable and multivalued drug. Today, we will reveal 10 most strong myths about marijuana giving you real facts instead.

Cannabis Most Popular Myths and Facts

Myth No 1: Taboo on cannabis protects children from using it.

Fact: Year 2011 showed the greatest number of pot smoking teens during last 30 years. One of fifteen high school students smokes it on regular basis. But teens do not smoke marijuana in states which legalized medical marijuana usage. According to legalization advocates, the best way to reduce marijuana use by teens – is to legalize and regulate it.

Myth No 2: Marijuana in Holland and Portugal is legal.

Fact: The Netherlands has never legalized cannabis. According to their official policy, they have not enforced existing laws since 1976. Under this law cultivation, distribution and import of cannabis is a crime, but you will not break the law if you possess small amount of marijuana or run one of about 700 coffee-shops selling also small amounts of marijuana.

All drugs in Portugal are decriminalized, not legalized. It is not the same. Possession and use of cannabis in Portugal is an administrative offense which is subject to fines.

Myth No 3: A huge number of people are arrested only for marijuana possession.

Fact: About 750,000 Americans are arrested for cannabis offense per year, but not all of them end up in jail. Not even all of them are prosecuted. Most of them are charged with penalties. Most of state and federal prisoners are in jail for marijuana distribution. And even less than 1 % are in jail for possession only.

Myth No 4: Marijuana leads to cancer.

Fact: Cannabis smoke, as well as tobacco smoke, contains carcinogens. But even the amount of cannabis smoke consumed by those who smoke marijuana on regular basis is not enough to cause the cancer. According to UCLA research`s author: \”We hypothesized that there would be a positive association between marijuana use and lung cancer, and that the association would be more positive with heavier use. What we found instead was no association at all, and even a suggestion of some protective effect.\”

According to different studies, cannabis is able to inhibit tumor growth.

Myth No 5: Smoking cannabis is related with crimes.

Fact: Of course, the rate of marijuana consumption is higher among criminals, but it does not mean cannabis stimulates aggressive behavior, unlike alcohol.

Myth No 6: You can become addicted to marijuana.

Fact: According to studies, only 9% of marijuana smokers became addicted. Just to compare – 15% of cocaine and 24% of heroin users also became clinically depended.

Myth No 7: Most of those using cannabis are heavy smokers.

Fact: According to household survey data, 6 million of 30 million Americans smoking marijuana do this on regular basis, about 50% of people who have smoked cannabis stated a lifetime total 12 days of use, and about 1/3 of marijuana smokers say they smoked cannabis 10 times or less last year.

Myth No 8: Marijuana is a gateway drug.

Fact: Those who use marijuana are likely to try other drugs, but it is not because marijuana caused this. According to the research conducted by the Institute of Medicine \”no conclusive evidence that the drug effects of marijuana are causally linked to the subsequent abuse of other illicit drugs.\”

Myth No 9: Smoking pot is harmless for you.

Fact: Heavy smokers can be at stake because cannabis smoke is similar to tobacco smoke, so they can have the same health problems such as bronchitis, etc. Another risk is driving while high. There are lots of car accidents connected to such condition, but not so much as related to drunk driving.

Myth No 10: Marijuana is dangerous.

Fact: There are lots of studies and research proved marijuana is sometimes even useful for our health. And it is definitely not so harmful as alcohol and tobacco.