Smoking Marijuana Indoors? Find Out How to Limit the Odor

Jul 30, 2013 Did you know?
Smoking Marijuana Indoors? Find Out How to Limit the Odor

Medical marijuana is now legal in nineteen states and the District of Columbia, also two more states legalized recreational usage of cannabis by adults, but even in these states, saying nothing of others, people still prefer to keep their sessions private and try to hold the smell of marijuana to their homes.

Smoking Marijuana Indoors? Find Out How to Limit the Odor

A new research commissioned by will tell you how to limit indoor marijuana smoke odors. Using Fluke 985 Particle Counter to determine the worst smoking method for indoor air quality researchers analyzed the particulates in the air after cannabis consumption by different methods of puffing.

The particles were measured ranging from .3 microns to 1 micron size. Mentioned below standard methods were used for marijuana consumption: a joint, a vaporizer, a bowl, and a bong. Sploofs – homemade device used to mask the smell of cannabis also was tested.

The study was conducted in one bedroom, one bathroom apartment. The majority of those who want to hide the smell of marijuana smoke it in the bathroom, so during the study smoking also was done in the bathroom with the kitchen between it and the front door.

Typical sizes of cannabis smoke particles are from .3 to .5 micron, according to the prior research.
During the experiment the smoke was tested:

– In the bathroom, 60 seconds after smoking;

– In the kitchen, 3 minutes after smoking;

– Directly inside the front door, 5 minutes after smoking;

– Directly outside the front door, 7 minutes after smoking.

The test was designed to answer two questions. The first one is how smoke expands throughout the apartment if a marijuana smoker uses different methods of smoking, such as a joint, a bong, a bowl, and a vaporizer. And the second one is to check the effectiveness of five different types of “sploofs” removing odor and particles from the air.

The test showed that using of a bowl while smoking cannabis creates the smallest amount of smoke. A bong is the second best, and a joint is the third. Nevertheless, all of these methods create practically the same amount of smoke.

According to the study, if you smoke no more than a few large hits in a room with the door closed, and there is at least one more room before the front door, marijuana smoke smell will not escape the front door. You can safely vaporize marijuana anywhere in your apartment. The odor will not escape. Sploofs perform excellent, and sploofs with activated carbon work twice as effective.