Cannabis Cultivation. Indoors VS Outdoors

May 17, 2013 Growing Tips
Cannabis Cultivation. Indoors VS Outdoors

Nobody can tell the right answer. It is up to you to decide whether to grow your marijuana plants indoors or outdoors. But we would like to point out some moments to help you to decide.

Cannabis Cultivation. Indoors VS Outdoors

We think you should grow indoors if:

– You have enough space to grow. All you need is a space not bigger than your closet.

– You need a small amount just for you and couple of your friends.

– You have an excellent ventilation system. If you want to cultivate more plants, you need hot grow lights.

– You want all the process to be under control. We mean thieves, curious neighbors, rain storms, etc.

– You can add the proper equipment for cannabis cultivation to your budget (light timer, grow lights, etc).

– You want to get top-quality cannabis without pests and other impurities.

Grow outdoors if:

– You live in an area with three or more warm months in a year.

– You have a secure place with a lot of direct sunlight.

– You do not want to spend money for special equipment.

– You have no time to spend in a grow room and would like to cultivate your marijuana for as little work as possible

– You want to have a very big crop.