Positive Effects of Legalization

Jan 31, 2013 Legalization
Positive Effects of Legalization

The three positive effects of medical marijuana legalisation.Despite the fact that the fight for the legalization of marijuana is still ongoing, people can already talk about some real change and the positive effects of this process based on the examples of United States and some other European countries.

Positive Effects of Legalization

1. The first and the most important thing is a decriminalization of marijuana as a drug even in cases when possession is allowed. It affects both the profits of organized crime and helps people, who need medicinal marijuana avoid any involvement with them.

2. The first one leads to second one, namely the elimination of the gateway drug theory. Since marijuana steps out of the criminal world, no other drugs can be purchased or consumed with marijuana. Which means no risk or social pressure.

3. And final thing is the most important one. When the governments aim on regulating medical marijuana they forget that there are people, who really need it. Medical cannabis helps people to overcome chronic pains and therefore makes their lives easier and that is a thing worth fighting for.