Karma to Burn

Mar 29, 2013 Music
Karma to Burn

One of the best stoner rockers out there. Proper music for smoking pot.

Karma to Burn

Karma to Burn is one of the legendary stoner/desert rock bands of our time with a heavy history, but a nice future thick as the smoke of a good cannabis strain.

Formed in the 90th, they spent years of viral self promotion and eventually got signed by Roadrunner Records in 1996 and released their first album in 1997. The band aimed to make instrumental stoner music, but the label insisted on vocals, so Karma to Burn added a singer to the line up and released a self-titled album. Despite its critical acclaimed it was selling poorly and the band was soon dropped from Roadrunner. They released two more records and went on a hiatus in 2002, but fortunately reformed in 2009 and is now alive and kicking with two new awesome albums for all the marijuana smokers and bud enthusiasts to check out.

Just recently Karma to Burn played at the Second Annual L.A. Cannabis Cup and proved that they still have it in them and can ignite the stage, just like a fire ignites a dried bud in a long and purple bong.