Cannabis Cup in Denver

Cannabis Cup in Denver

With the end of the first legal Cannabis Cup in the United States, a new era for marijuana has officially began. While such events were already held before, they were focused on medical marijuana, but this time due to the Amendment 64, that legalized recreational marijuana in Colorado all visitors (21 years or older) were allowed to taste the multiple offered strains that were available on the festival grounds.

The festival was sold out and the Civic Center in Denver hosted over 16.000 marijuana enthusiasts and professionals over the already legendary 4/20 in 2013. The festival was blooming with various merchandise, smoking devices, edibles and of course exceptional medical and recreational marijuana strains. The edibles ranged from such things as pulled pork sandwich and up to magnificent medicated-chocolate fondue. The festival offered numerous useful things for marijuana enthusiasts who were interested in growing marijuana, medical marijuana varieties or just in supporting the cause with a good tshirt.

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