Three Types of Vaporizers

Mar 29, 2013 Pipes and Bongs
Three Types of Vaporizers

A little more about marijuana vaporizers.

Three Types of Vaporizers

The next step of understanding the vaporizer is the understanding of the type of it’s heating sources. There are three possible types of heating sources – conduction, convection and radiation, which can be used as stand-alone solution or as a combination of all three. So let’s take a closer look at this medicinal marijuana consumption devices.

Conduction heating works through a direct contact of the medical cannabis and the electrically heated surface (a solid metal or a screen). This method is the lease effective one, because it can burn the herb.

Convection works by vaporizing the cannabinoids by passing precisely heated air over the dry herb. This is a very effective method, since there is no contact of the herb and the heating source and there is no risk of burning the hemp.

Radiation vaporizers use radiant energy generated by electricity or a light source to create heat. The dry medic cannabis absorbs the radiant energy, increases it’s temperature and the contents vaporize.