Freetown Christiania

Oct 01, 2015 Did you know? freetown christiania

Denmark is a great north European country. The situation with legalization of marijuana there is quite controversial, but now we are going to discuss one much smaller territorial unit than a state or even a district. We are speaking about the scandalously famous Christiania i.e. an oasis for lovers of cannabis. Although this monastery of insurgents from all around the world is called city of cannabis, in reference to the territory of Copenhagen that is just one of districts which for more than four decades has decided to organize itself and to become an “independent” state. Strolling about the streets of Copenhagen and having suddenly sensed a variety of cannabis fragrances of various strains, get to know that somewhere near there is Christiania! Today, as for the whole period of its existence, it is considered a virtual state without recognition it as an international community, having only some formal features of a country. However, the authorities of Danish capital for several decades could not achieve “liberation” of the quarter, and one day they resigned seeing an avalanche of tourists with which the city of cannabis has provided Denmark. In addition, the community has proved to be insistent and was repeatedly persistently returning heavy stones which protected the territory.

freetown christiania

History of the minnow state

This wonderful city of cannabis was organized by a group of hippies in 1971, staging a squat of barracks abandoned by the government in the same quarter. Danish government has repeatedly tried to expel these guys from the quarter, but after several years of fruitless attempts they gave up. But that was only the beginning. In 1984 there was the first Christian “war”. We write this word in quotes because hippie subculture and community of the fabulous city of cannabis in particular have denied the benefit of physical impact, preferring to solve problems peacefully. So, about the conflict – in 1984 biker gang tried to grab this great place to sell drugs in this lawless area. However, the inhabitants of the “Vatican of cannabis” expelled them from there, and it was done in absolutely peaceful means. As a result of this conflict free Christiania has received worldwide recognition, coverage in major news mediums. Administration of the place entered into an agreement with the Ministry of Defense of Denmark in 1995 and began regularly paying rent of those squats barracks. The next major round of history has been made already in 2011. In that period relations between Denmark and this tiny, but self-sufficient country (due to the huge flow of tourists) inside the country have finally deteriorated, and authorities tried to clear the quarter through the use of force. But the revolted inhabitants were strongly disagreeing with this course of events, so, a serious conflict broke out, and finally on August 15, 2011 good news reached the Christiania: it received semi-autonomous status from Danish Government. Since that time, life proceeded slowly, rhythmically and without any shocks.

freetown christiania

Features of the way of life in the city of cannabis

Permanent inhabitants of the area represent about one thousand persons, maybe a little more people, excluding tourists. Its infrastructure is quite extensive for such a tiny administrative unit. In fact that is one big infrastructure. However, there is nothing surprising, considering a huge influx of tourists, both as fans of unusual states as lovers of cannabis. Residents of state of cannabis declare their own legislation. There is a ban on cars, on production and storage of weapons, heavy drugs and theft. But cultivation of cannabis from seed to adult plants, as well as using and trade are completely legalized. Perhaps, this piece of land is the freest place in the whole world, when we speak about marijuana. Christiania is a wonderful city of cannabis which unwittingly brings a smile with its tiny territory and the same little history. However, the inhabitants have fully defended their ideals, and it deserves respect, despite the size of defended territory itself.