The Most Typical Mistakes Growing Cannabis Plants

Nov 21, 2013 Growing Tips
The Most Typical Mistakes Growing Cannabis Plants

– Overwatering

Overwatering kills any plant including marijuana. It is time for watering if top few inches of the soil feel dry.

The Most Typical Mistakes Growing Cannabis Plants

– Talk about Your Marijuana

If you tell somebody about your small secret garden it won`t be a secret anymore. People like to talk.

– Do not Touch Germinating Seeds

It takes up to 10 days for a seed to germinate. We do not recommend the paper towel method as you will have to handle the seeds while moving them from the towel to your growing medium.

– Do not Use Unknown Seeds

90% of success depends on seed\’s genetics and has little to do with the growing environment. Many use seed from a seeded plant and this is a common mistake. They will probably grow hermaphrodites. This is the reason why people buy marijuana seeds from seedbanks.

– Too Much Fertilizer

Use fertilizer after first two spiked leaves appeared. Always read manufacturer`s label carefully. Leach the soil with lots of pure water every 2-4 weeks. It is always better to grow marijuana organically. Organic weed has better flavor.

– Don\’t Under Fertilize

It is a less common problem. If you do not like to use fertilizers make sure you use good quality organic soil mixture with blood meal and bone meal.

– Provide Good Environment

Always air your growing area even at night. Fresh air is very important for plants. Don`t be afraid of using gentle fan for seedlings.

– Don\’t Harvest Too Early
It is hard to resist, but you have to wait! Another 25% of the weight will form in two more weeks after you see potent buds. Your cannabis plants must stop growing. Wait until white pistils become at least 50-75% brown.