What\’s Opposing Cannabis Legalization?

Aug 21, 2013 Legalization
What's Opposing Cannabis Legalization?

Some thoughts on what\’s hindering the legalization of Cannabis.

What's Opposing Cannabis Legalization?

Today Cannabis Legalization is making huge steps almost every month. Here and there States and countries adopt ned bill and amendments that legalize medical marijuana, recreational marijuana and help in regulation of the cannabinoids and cannabinoid-infused products. But still this process meets resistance and we pretty much know who our enemies are – alcohol and tobacco.

While alcohol will still retain it’s market, tobacco will feel the biggest blow from the legalization of cannabis. It is well know that apart from minor pleasure, cigarettes kill people. They destroy the body brick by brick, are addictive and what is even worse – damage innocent people around the smoker. Tobacco is a fully legal and medically proven poison, on the other hand cannabis has virtually no lethal dosage and is perfectly safe. And all the fairytales that the big corporations try to implement are breaking apart in Colorado and Washington – the first two states with successfully legalized recreational marijuana.

The legalization of first medical and then recreational cannabis started bringing a whole new thing into the world of marijuana – legal regulations, which in this case are good. At this point they aim at establishing new standards for marijuana and at a full and maximum effective legalization. First of all such laws will establish a quality standard and some limits for THC content. Which means that you’ll be able to purchase exactly the type of cannabis that you need without the risk of getting a weak strain or something with over the top THC level. Overall this will lower the number of overmedication cases and establish cannabis as an even safer natural medicine and relaxation. Second it will completely eliminate the gateway drug theory, since buying marijuana will be perfectly legal and will have nothing to do with criminals or the black market. This will put an end between the imaginary fact that cannabis is a serious drug and will finally make the public opinion more friendly toward this amazing herb.