What Is Next Superfood According to Nutiva CEO?

Sep 27, 2013 News
What Is Next Superfood According to Nutiva CEO?

John Roulac, the CEO of Nutiva company, says that hemp is to become the next “superfood”.

Nutiva is an American health food company with a 70$ million-a-year business established in 1999.

What Is Next Superfood According to Nutiva CEO?

The range of Nutiva includes hemp and chia seeds, coconut and red palm oil. These products are sold in the most popular chain stores in the country (Costco, Whole Food, etc.)

Nutiva company is located in San Francisco`s “heart of organic movement” – East Bay area.

Roulac`s company is one of the most major suppliers of hemp products in America. Nevertheless, all these products are made in Canada, where hemp growing is legal.

John Roulac considers that it is more important now to cultivate a hemp market in USA, and not lobby the government. He says if both hemp market and demand for hemp products continues to grow, legislators will make hemp cultivation in the USA legal.

What Is Next Superfood According to Nutiva CEO?

But what makes hemp products so popular?

First of all hemp is full of nutrients. Secondly, it is all organic and as we know the abundance of genetically modified products has led many customers, who care of their health, to the organic path.

“The American people have been subjected to a science experiment, fed on a steady diet of genetically modified industrial foods grown with huge amounts of pesticides and made with preservatives and chemicals. That diet produces diabetes, cancer, heart disease, hormonal disruption and allergies… People know something is wrong. They’re in search of an answer.”
John states that he aims to create an organic world without genetically modified products, “even if customers go elsewhere to buy it.”