Marijuana Users` Sexual Life

Aug 01, 2013 Science and Medicine
Marijuana Users` Sexual Life

The author of the study Alexandra Dolezhalova – Grouzkova, led by the sexologist professor Petr Weiss, has displayed almost unexplored area of sexuality of regular marijuana users. Men aged 30 to 50 years, who are chronic marijuana users, took part in the research, and most of them have been smoking marijuana for 12 – 15 years already.

Marijuana Users` Sexual Life

An interesting fact is that regular marijuana users are more satisfied with their sex lives than other Czech men of the same age. In addition, smokers start sex life earlier (marijuana users start sex life at the average age of 16.7, while others – at the age of 17.6), they need more sex, they make sex more often and a sexual intercourse lasts longer (marijuana users indicate that sex with a partner lasts about 22 minutes, while a Czech man of the same age indicates 15 minutes).

Another interesting fact is that marijuana users claim that due to the consumption of marijuana their sex life has changed for the better, the majority of men who smoke marijuana testified that their orgasms become brighter.

However, marijuana smokers are much more chaotic in their sexual relationships than other men involved in the study. Perhaps this is the reason they suffer from venereal diseases, such as, for example, gonorrhea or condyloma. While marijuana users have had about 24 sexual partners, Czech men who do not smoke cannabis – about 10 sexual partners.

Marijuana Users` Sexual Life

Marijuana users are much more likely to have some sex experiment with a man – three times more marijuana users have ever had sexual intercourse with a man.

The author of the study also figured out whether marijuana smokers suffer from erection problems or the inability to achieve orgasm. However, no such disorders were detected during the study.

The most important discovery of the study is that despite the fact that the sexual life of a marijuana user differs from sexual life of an average Czech men in matters of sexual risk behavior (such as prostitution, condom use, or incidence of hepatitis C) marijuana users behave the same as an average Czech man. While methamphetamine, heroin, and other hard drugs users often form dangerous relationships.